Are you driving under “extreme” conditions?

Did you know that the majority of Americans drive their car under what car manufacturers consider “extreme” conditions?

In fact, while a bit dated, this article from AAA suggests that when polled, only 6% of Americans thought they drove under extreme conditions, when in reality, 63% drive under these conditions. That means that the majority of people are not adhering to manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedules. And chances are you may be one of them!

The Wenatchee Valley’s cold winters and hot summers, combined with stop-and-go driving in city traffic, definitely qualify for extreme conditions.

Your owner’s manual usually suggests a more frequent maintenance schedule for extreme vs. normal conditions. That means more frequent oil changes as well as shorter intervals for fluid and belt checks and replacements.

When you bring your vehicle in for service at Alignment Pros & Express Lube, in addition to our 21-point safety check, we will review your car’s recommended maintenance schedule with you and then suggest any maintenance that is due.

We want to make sure your car is safe and reliable. A well-maintained vehicle is not only safer, it will last longer and potentially bring in a higher resale value should you choose to sell it one day.

If you’re not sure about your maintenance schedule or when maintenance has last been performed, it’s time to come to Alignment Pros & Express Lube! No appointment is necessary, so stop by any time during business hours and our trained technicians will get you back on track.