Wenatchee Oil Change Services

Regular oil changes are essential in keeping your vehicle running efficiently. Whenever you need oil change services in Wenatchee, WA, Alignment Pros and Express Lube is the team you can trust to get the job done right—quickly and affordably.

Full Service Oil Changes

Full Service Synthetic Blend

Full Service Synthetic Blend oil meets the stringent requirements of most of today’s engines. It has a unique additive package that provides superior protection to conventional oils.

Up to 5 quarts of oil included. Additional oil is $5.99 a quart.


Full Service Purus Synthetic Blend 15W40 Diesel Oil with ISOSYN

Full Service Purus Synthetic Blend 15W40 Diesel Oil with ISOSYN advanced technology is a heavy-duty diesel oil that provides outstanding lubrication for naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines.

Up to 5 quarts of oil included. Additional oil is $7.99 per quart.


Full Service High Mileage

Full Service High Mileage oil is formulated for engines over 75,000 miles. This oil helps reduce engine oil leaks and consumption. It also works to reduce engine wear and corrosion to extend engine life.

Up to 5 quarts of oil included. Additional oil is $6.99 per quart.


Full Service Full Synthetic

Full Service Full Synthetic oil outperforms and reduces friction better than any conventional or synthetic blend oil. This oil can withstand the most extreme driving conditions and handle the higher operating pressures of today’s high-tech engines.

Up to 5 quarts of oil included. Additional oil is $7.99 per quart.



Full Service Purus Heavy Duty Full Synthetic 5W40 Diesel Oil

Full Service Purus Heavy Duty Full Synthetic 5W40 Diesel Oil provides the highest level in diesel engine oil protection that we offer. This oil meets the new CK-4 spec. and meets the industry and engine manufacturers performance requirements of 2017 model years and prior. It is approved by the top diesel engine manufacturers. It flows well in cold and hot climates, making it the best year-round protection for your diesel engine.

Up to 5 quarts of oil included. Additional oil is $9.99 per quart.


Preventive Maintenance

Transmission Fluid Exchange

Transmission service consists of replacing all of your transmission fluid. Our machine puts in new fluid while taking out the old worn out fluid. Replacing worn-out transmission fluid prolongs the life of your transmission and keeps it shifting smoothly.

includes up to 14 quarts of transmission fluid


Transmission Filter Change

Transmission filter service consists of removing and cleaning of your transmission pan, changing the transmission filter and replacing the fluid inside the transmission. Changing your transmission filter helps keep your transmission fluid clean and debris from building up and harming the transmission.


CVT Transmission Fluid Change

CVT transmission service consists of replacing all of the fluid in your CVT transmission. Changing your CVT transmission fluid helps keep transmission components lubricated and prevents wear.

includes up to 5 quarts of CVT transmission fluid


Cooling System Fluid Exchange

Cooling system service consists of replacing all of the antifreeze coolant throughout your vehicle’s cooling system. Antifreeze wears out over time and can cause damage to the cooling system. Replacing the antifreeze helps to keep your water pump lubricated and prevents freezing in the cold winter months.

Includes up to 16 quarts of coolant


Power Steering Fluid Exchange

Power steering service consists of removing your old power steering fluid, flushing the power steering system and adding new fluid. This prolongs the life of the power steering pump by keeping it properly lubricated.

Includes one quart of new power steering fluid


Air Conditioning Recharge

Air conditioning service helps prevent compressor, evaporator and condenser failure by recharging your A/C system with the right amount of refrigerant to keep it performing efficiently.

Up to two lbs. of refrigerant included. Additional refrigerant $1.99/oz.


Fuel Filter Replacement

Fuel filter replacement prevents contaminants from entering your fuel system and prolongs the life of your fuel pump. A dirty or clogged fuel filter can over-stress your vehicle’s fuel pump and even cause the pump to fail. Replacing your fuel filter ensures a good flow of fuel, prolonging the life of your fuel pump and improving your gas mileage.

We replace most gas and diesel filters.

69.99 and up

Gearbox Service

Gearbox fluid service removes all of the old worn out gear lube from your vehicle and replaces it with new, synthetic gear lube. Changing your gearbox fluid helps minimize wear, reduce friction and prevent excess wear.

Includes up to 4 pints of synthetic gearbox oil.


Engine Flush Cleaning

Engine flush service removes all the sludge, gum and varnish from your vehicle engine’s components that results from waiting too long between oil changes or driving under unusually harsh conditions. Once the engine has been cleaned, the new oil we install will be able to do its job, keeping your engine lubricated and running smoothly until your next scheduled oil change.

Includes up to 4 quarts of flush and a new oil filter.


Air Filter Replacement

Air filter replacement typically improves fuel economy by about 10%. A dirty air filter decreases air flow to your engine, forcing your engine to consume more fuel. Replacing your vehicle’s dirty, clogged air filter ensures that the engine is drawing in enough air to achieve optimal fuel economy.

29.99 and up

Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Does the air from the vents smell musty when you start your car? Does your car make you sneeze? These are symptoms of a dirty cabin air filter. Cabin air filter replacement
will keep the air inside your vehicle clean by removing dust, allergens and odors.


Light Bulb Replacement

Alignment Pros can replace any burned out or dim light bulbs, both inside and outside your vehicle. Don’t risk a ticket: let Alignment Pros replace those burnt-out bulbs.

9.99 and up

Wiper Blade Replacement

Driving with worn-out wiper blades isn’t just distracting — it’s also dangerous, especially at night. Let Alignment Pros replace your old wipers with a fresh set of durable, new wiper blades.

19.99 each and up

Spark Plugs

Properly functioning spark plugs are critical to the operation of your vehicle’s engine. Without them, your engine will not start. And when they’re dirty or worn out, your engine runs inefficiently or can even stall without warning. Spark plug replacement at recommended intervals will keep your engine running smoothly.

Ask for pricing

Serpentine Belt Replacement

Is your car squeaking? It’s one of the common symptoms that your serpentine belt needs to replaced. The serpentine belt is a key component of the drive belt system in your vehicle that supplies power to the alternator, power steering, air conditioning and other systems. If it fails, your vehicle may not start at all. Alignment Pros will replace the worn belt, which in most cases will provide you with 50,000 miles or more of use.


Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Diesel exhaust fluid service. 2011 and newer diesel powered engines have an exhaust system that sprays diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) into the exhaust to reduce emissions. When the DEF tank gets too low, the engine’s computer will send it into “limp mode,” which reduces power of the engine until the DEF tank is refilled. Alignment Pros can fill your DEF tank so you can forget about limp mode.


Limited Slip Additive


Fuel System Cleaner


Oil System Cleaner

Oil system cleaner gently dissolves and removes harmful sludge from the crankcase and provides a quick cleaning to the inside components of the engine.


Transmission Stop Leak

Transmission stop leak service helps stop and prevent leaks by revitalizing seals and gaskets in the transmission while producing smoother, quieter shifting.


Transmission Power Flush

Transmission power flush service helps prepare your vehicle’s transmission for fluid replacement by removing varnish deposits, dispersing water and cleaning all internal transmission components.


Oil Changes

Whenever you need an oil change in Wenatchee, WA, we’re the team you can trust to get it done right in record time. All oil changes include a comprehensive 21-point inspection, checking your car’s essential components and suggesting repairs when necessary.


Proper alignment is essential for safe driving. If you’re noticing pulling when you’re driving or your tires are wearing unevenly, bring your vehicle into our friendly Wenatchee, WA shop for car alignment. Using the latest equipment and technology, we’ll restore your vehicle’s alignment to factory standards, delivering a smoother, safer ride.

Brake Repair

Without functioning brakes, it’s harder for your vehicle to slow down or stop. Don’t risk your safety and the safety of others on the road—schedule brake repair with our expert team today.

Superior Oil Change Services

Need a quick oil change in Wenatchee, WA? Bring your vehicle to our clean, friendly shop for a fast yet comprehensive oil change to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Generally, cars need an oil change every 5 months or every 5,000 miles of driving. Generally, cars need an oil change every 3 months or every 3,000 miles of driving.

During your oil change, our professional technicians change the oil filter, drain dirty oil from the engine and replace it with new oil. We also lubricate the chassis and framework that holds your vehicle together.

What makes us different from the competition? Our incredible attention to detail and commitment to delivering the best possible service for our customers with a 21-point Full Service Inspection. Our comprehensive inspection includes:

  • Check alignment
  • Check all lights
  • Check and fill washer fluid
  • Check and replace up to 5q of fresh oil
  • Check antifreeze coolant
  • Check battery
  • Check brake fluid
  • Check cabin air filter
  • Check air filter
  • Check gearbox fluids
  • Check power steering fluid
  • Check serpentine belts
  • Check tire pressure and inflate
  • Check transmission fluid
  • Check wiper blades
  • Inspect tire tread
  • Inspect upper/lower vehicle body
  • Install a new oil filter
  • Lubricate chassis
  • Reset oil light

Schedule an Oil Change Today

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