Easy to Follow Tips for Preparing Your Car for Spring

Washington State has four seasons of mostly good weather. But the seasonal storms and road conditions can make driving challenging. Now that winter is over, and the spring thaw is taking full effect across the nation, it is time for some spring car maintenance tips.Like many drivers in northwestern Washington State, you may wonder: How do I prepare my car for spring driving and weather? The following spring car maintenance tips will help you make your vehicle fully ready for your warm-weather travels.

Inspect Fluids, Filters, Belts, and Hoses

Unless you recently changed the oil and filter in the engine, Spring is a good time to do that. You also should check the air filter and clean or change it if it is dirty.

You should check the engine coolant to ensure it is clean and doing its job. A flush and fill might be needed to help prevent engine overheating.

Checking the hoses for cracking, dry rot, or hardened spots will tell you if any need to be replaced with new ones that will hold up through the summer.

You should also check the serpentine belt and alternator belt and replace them if they show excessive wear and tear signs. You want to look for cracking along the sides and missing pieces. If you see any, you need to replace the belts.

Brake, Tires, and Wheels

The brakes are very important for safety and handling. A quick inspection can show whether the brake fluid is clean and full or if the brake line needs to be bled or the fluid completely changed.

The brake pads might need replacement. And the calipers and rotors should be checked to ensure they are working properly. The rotors might be slightly warped or damaged by worn brake pads. A technician can either turn them to restore the braking surface or replace them.

You should inspect your tires for signs of damage or excessive wear and tear. A balance and rotation will help to ensure you get a smooth ride.

Wiper Blades and Wiper Fluid Check

Your wiper blades perform the very important task of keeping your vision clear while driving. The wintertime can be especially hard on wiper blades when they move ice, slush, and snow away from the windshield. You should check your wiper blades to make sure they are in good shape and replace them if they are not.

You also should check the wiper fluid and top it off the reservoir. If either of the wiper fluid spray nozzles is blocked, the wiper fluid cannot do its job. Clearing them with a toothpick could help to remove any blockage.

The preceding spring car maintenance tips show that spring maintenance is relatively easy and affordable. The more that you stay on top of basic car maintenance issues, the longer your vehicle should last. And you should get better performance and fuel economy through the summer months.